• 6" Sproggy

    Ripper of a little lure with great action.  Has gained a big reputation as a Black Marlin magnet. Perfect for any position in the spread.

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  • 6" Do-Dil

    This little lure is deadly in the shotgun position. Creates a surprisingly powerful bubble trail. A top choice for Tuna anglers.

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  • 10" NWF

    This lure loves the long rigger but happy in any position.

    The "No Wuckin Furries" is named appropriately.  The NWF is a simple unassuming lure that doesn't show off, it simply gets the job done.

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  • 10" Billy TZ

    Designed to attract big fish and greatly increase hook up rate with the stumpy body length.

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  • 15" Gar Heads

    Keel weighted and fitted with a real moulded garfish head.  Looks a lot like a real fish when its in the water.

    If your chasing big fish you need this lure in your spread.  Has a very exciting action and I love running it in the short positions.

    A lot of my time was spent on perfecting this one (2 years), but perfect it absolutely is.

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  • 12" Boom

    Keel weighted and perfect for the long corner and riggers.  Design was inspired by the popular Hawaiian Blue Marlin lures.

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  • 8", 10", 12" Cone Head

    Loves all positions and everything likes to eat it.

    Closest action to a towed live bait than any other lure I have used or created.  To better describe the action, they make a large surface pop then dive down to around half a metre before giving out a vigorous panicked shake for a second or two before returning to the surface.

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  • 8", 10" Psycho

    Deadly Deadly Deadly. Unique action that demands attention.

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  • 8" Lil Mate

    Very popular with switch baiters. 

    When chasing Billfish you can't leave your mate behind.  Same goes with this little fella.  When used on the long rigger in conjunction with the more active Cone Head on the short, these little lures are dynamite for Black Marlin and Sailfish. 

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  • 6", 8", 10" Bromby

    Still the second highest producer of fish for the Catbo team.  Can be swam at high speeds when searching for bait or new ground.

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